What Is Your Hair Language? Speaking Life Into Your Natural Hair.

    Repeat after me. My hair is beautiful and I love taking care of it. Go ahead...don't be shy.  Do you ever say things like this about your hair?  As melanated women with textured hair, many of us were not taught to love our hair.  Television, magazines, and any other way we could be shone, we were taught that our hair was unlike others and it just wasn't good enough!


  And so I ask, what is your hair language?  What do you tell yourself day in and day out about your hair?  When it's shampoo day, how do you feel?  When it's time to do your beautiful little girls hair, what do you say to her while your detangling it? I don't allow good hair bad hair talk to go uncorrected in my presence.  No one will tell me I'm just not good enough.  I say these things in an effort to heal my community...my people.  The negativity runs deep, this we know and so the healing must begin.

  To many people, this may seem unimportant.  However, I assure you, that as a stylist for over 18 years, your hair language and thoughts you think about it, are extremely important!


Here are some positive affirmations to say about your hair:

1. I love my hair.  

2. When I look in the mirror and see my hair, I smile.

3. I love to give my natural hair the attention it deserves, because I am not a mistake and nothing about me is. 

4. Wow! My natural hair makes me look so young and its soooo healthy.  

5. I am thankful for my hair, that's why I keep my it trimmed and conditioned.  

6. I love every twist and turn of my coils.  

These are clearly, just a few!  However, this is a really good place to start, even if you don't feel this way.  You'll find that if you start to change your thinking about your hair, you'll soon change your language around it. You will begin to naturally have healthy language and dialogue about yourself overall.  And, after all, that is what we here at NBO are all about.  Healing, light, self love, and of course natural hair!  

Drop us a line.  Tell us what one of your favorite affirmations are about your natural hair.  Don't forget to save 20% off your next purchase by using the code LOVE21 at the check out. I'm Cat Belle. Thanks for stopping by. 😘.                                                          


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