Zoa of Zoa Photography/Filmmaker/Artist

Zoa of Zoa Photography/Filmmaker/Artist
    She is a visionary.  Her work is light yet there is a realness that highlights the human form.  Putting together a work of art requires attention to detail.  Zoa leaves no stone unturned.  She zooms around the country taking beautiful photos of nature's scenery and beautiful people.

Beautiful, Happy, & Healthy - From The Inside Out

Feeling and looking good starts on the inside.
You don't have to be a certain size to be sexy and fly. Be heart healthy.  You don't have to have wavy, curly or straight hair in order for your hair to be considered beautiful.  We're changing the narrative.  Natural Beauty Organics...You were born natural. 

Coils, Twists, & Braids - Let's Talk About Your Hair.

Sevananda Presents: Twists, Coils, & Braids
Natural Beauty Organics would like to invite you to our workshop. Coils, Twists, & Braids "Let's Talk About Your Hair."  There's so much on the internet about natural hair.

The Holidays are Here! Protective Styles, Silk Presses, and Your Natural Hair Care.

Sahara's rocking our "Afro Brazilian Straight" sew-in hair w/ a closure for bangs.  She did big spiral curls with a wand to achieve this sexy wave.
Holiday Hair Don't Care!  With all the other things you've got going on. NBO will happily help you get the hair piece together (no pun intended)! 😆🎁