We had this fire blazing, amazing photoshoot with Brittany Baptiste a few months back. It was full of positive energy and the flow was flawless .  Our first time meeting was a soft introduction on instagram.  Zoa, my photographer had shot with her in the past (they were good friends), so I checked out her pics.  She had a beautiful smile with glowing skin.  The camera loved her and she knew her angles.  Saharah and I built the shoot around her look.  Tailored to her.  The hair style we chose accentuated her eyes.  We crocheted Marley hair onto braids in the back and did a big top knot bun.  The dress that I made years ago, fit her like a glove. It was magical.  My friend Tony Styles was was the makeup artist. Divine Rocker was one of the creative directors, alongside Saharah and myself (Cat Belle). We called the shoot "The New Moon."    



    Born in Brooklyn, Brittany spent half her time in Atlanta.  She was not shy behind the camera and in fact she came to life.  She grew up in an artistic creative environment. Dance, theater, music!  Her Father being Hatian born photographer Marc Baptiste. He photographed some of the most prominent actors, philanthropists, politicians, and entertainers in the black community. It was no wonder that she new her way around on the other side of the lens.  She said that she spent much of her time on sets and photoshoots with dad as his assistant.

    Brittany's been a "Naturalista" since 2012. She did her own big chop. Looking in the mirror, she said that she cut a small piece in the back at the demarcation line.  Liking what she saw, she kept going.  And the rest is history!  Wash day for her isn't a big deal either, she likes to use natural oils, shampoos and essential oils to moisturize her beautiful textured hair.  I could tell that she takes very good care of her hair.  We chatted more about her hair routine, work, and some of her life goals. We were at a cute little coffee shop and the weather was perfect.  It was a good day.  


At NBO (Natural Beauty Organics), we're always thinking about how we can use our  passions to fuel our community.  Our Glam For A Day Give Away is truly about highlighting women that we as Black women can relate to.  Print, film and advertisements typically shove images down our throats of women that we simply cannot relate to.  Here we accentuate the glamor and beauty of wearing natural hair and ethnic styles.  

Brittany was wonderful to work with and we look forward to choosing our next model for The Glam For A Day Giveaway Photoshoot.  Stay tuned!

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