Our Story

Natural Beauty Organics...You Were Born Natural

My name is Cat Belle. My daughter, Saharah and I were inspired to create this hair care line because we are natural hair care professionals and lovers of a wholistic lifestyle.  Natural Beauty Organics was created with specific goals in mind. 

  1. To have a hair care product that really, really works on textured hair. 
  2. To assist hair growth using herbs and essential oils that promote an overall healthy scalp. 
  3. To educate and empower women worldwide, about natural hair.  

We use all natural ingredients, like hemp seed oil and avocado oil, both rich in omega 3 fatty acids that your hair loves. Combined, we have over 25 years of experience with natural hair. 
We love cultivating a space for women that choose to have relaxer free hair. We allow the narrative of  Natural Hair and Loving Natural Hair to unfold here at Natural Beauty Organics. 

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Continue to be beautiful!