Natural Hair Glamour
  Brittany's been a "Naturalista" since 2012. She did her own big chop. Looking in the mirror, she said that she cut a small piece in the back at the demarcation line.  Liking what she saw, she kept going.  And the rest is history!  Wash day for her isn't a big deal either, she likes to use natural oils, shampoos and essential oils to moisturize her beautiful textured h

Glam For A Day Give Away

Glamorous for a Day w/NBO
    My team and I love to play dress up and take beautiful pictures for our hair care brand and salon.  We plan out our vision based on inspiration.  Inspiration from a picture, an old movie, or even a song!

What Is Your Hair Language? Speaking Life Into Your Natural Hair.

What Is Your Hair Language? Speaking Life Into Your Natural Hair.
 Do you ever say things like this about your hair?  As melanated women with textured hair, many of us were not taught to love our hair.  Television, magazines, and any other way we could be shone, we were taught that our hair was unlike others and it just wasn't good enough!

Are You Thinking About Locking? Ask Your Stylist these 6 Questions.

Are You Thinking About Locking?  Ask Your Stylist these 6 Questions.
    Ahhhhhh the "Loc Journey."  Take a long breath and put on your seat belt (because we want you to be comfortable.)  And get ready for the loc journey.  It is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it for punks, and it definitely isn't for...well you get me. Right?

Go Natural Already- You, Your Hair, & Self Love

Owners Cat Belle and Saharah Jimenez shot by Zoa Photography
From Tanzania to the Americas, women of color are being taught how to care for, maintain, and love their own natural hair!  Self love is important and over the past decades, we (black women) through magazines, commercials, and film have been told that our hair needs to be straight for us to be considered attractive.  The hair care products that line the stores have not been those that cater to the natural texture of  black women's hair. 

Zoa of Zoa Photography/Filmmaker/Artist

Zoa of Zoa Photography/Filmmaker/Artist
    She is a visionary.  Her work is light yet there is a realness that highlights the human form.  Putting together a work of art requires attention to detail.  Zoa leaves no stone unturned.  She zooms around the country taking beautiful photos of nature's scenery and beautiful people.

Natural Hair- The "Love Movement"

The Look of Royalty and Love
    We recently did a photo shoot with some of Atlanta's top models, stylists, hair stylists and jewelry designers. As, well as one of Atlanta's own premier photographers, Zoa.  My daughter, Saharah and I were the creative directors and to see our vision come to fruition was magical.

Coils, Twists, & Braids - Let's Talk About Your Hair.

Sevananda Presents: Twists, Coils, & Braids
Natural Beauty Organics would like to invite you to our workshop. Coils, Twists, & Braids "Let's Talk About Your Hair."  There's so much on the internet about natural hair.

Nola Darling and Her Beautiful Hair - She's Gotta Have It

Classic up-do style. I'm rocking Senagelese twists, which I later locked from.
What's your favorite way to wear your natural hair?  Have you fallen in love with your hair yet?  "She's Gotta Have It," main character, Nola Darling, was clearly in love with her hair.  I know I was!  She seemed to celebrate every aspect of herself.  She embraced her hair.  That's for sure!