Go Natural Already- You, Your Hair, & Self Love

    Hey, I know. Natural hair can be challenging to manage.  However, there are several reasons why natural hair, (hair without relaxer) is better.  There! I said it.  For one, the chemicals used in relaxers are carcinogenic. We are in the age of all things natural. And although it may seem like a fad.  I assure you, it is not.  Secondly, you'll have thicker, longer, healthier hair, for a longer time.  The chemicals in relaxers  damage the scalp, the hair follicles and the hair itself.  

     The natural hair movement has sparked a passion and love of self in Black women all over the world..literally.  From Tanzania to the Americas, women of color are being taught how to care for, maintain, and love their own natural hair!  Self love is important and over the past decades, we (black women) through magazines, commercials, and film have been told that our hair needs to be straight for us to be considered attractive.  The hair care products that line the stores have not been those that cater to the natural texture of  black women's hair. However, on the upside, the world has not seen so many beautiful black women, proudly rocking ethnic, queenly hairstyle, as they've seen in recent times.  

     Our goal, here at Natural Beauty Organics is to provide products and suggestions for your hair specifically. Why?  Because we care.  I taught my now 22 year old daughter and business partner very early to love herself, right where she is.  Does that mean to not aspire to higher? No. I simply mean to say, love your hair, love your hands, love your feet, love your skin! Simply love yourself! Affirm that everyday.  So I say to you, dump the chemicals.  Go for natural hair care.  No more relaxers.


Visit our salon for some ideas about how you should navigate to get to a natural, relaxer free lifestyle.  It's important on so many levels and for so many reasons.

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I am Cat Belle and I love you !








So, if you like to wear it straight, do so with with a silk press. 

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