Go Natural Already- You, Your Hair, & Self Love

Owners Cat Belle and Saharah Jimenez shot by Zoa Photography
From Tanzania to the Americas, women of color are being taught how to care for, maintain, and love their own natural hair!  Self love is important and over the past decades, we (black women) through magazines, commercials, and film have been told that our hair needs to be straight for us to be considered attractive.  The hair care products that line the stores have not been those that cater to the natural texture of  black women's hair. 

Zoa of Zoa Photography/Filmmaker/Artist

Zoa of Zoa Photography/Filmmaker/Artist
    She is a visionary.  Her work is light yet there is a realness that highlights the human form.  Putting together a work of art requires attention to detail.  Zoa leaves no stone unturned.  She zooms around the country taking beautiful photos of nature's scenery and beautiful people.

Natural Hair- The "Love Movement"

The Look of Royalty and Love
    We recently did a photo shoot with some of Atlanta's top models, stylists, hair stylists and jewelry designers. As, well as one of Atlanta's own premier photographers, Zoa.  My daughter, Saharah and I were the creative directors and to see our vision come to fruition was magical.

Coils, Twists, & Braids - Let's Talk About Your Hair.

Sevananda Presents: Twists, Coils, & Braids
Natural Beauty Organics would like to invite you to our workshop. Coils, Twists, & Braids "Let's Talk About Your Hair."  There's so much on the internet about natural hair.

Black Women, Our Hair And Cultural Appropriation.

Braids will always be in style!
Box Braids, Individuals, Cornrows, Plaits, Twists, you name it! These are styles that black women wear proudly. Note:You don't have to be natural to wear these beautiful crowns or Black.