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  As a blogger that talks about natural hair and the benefits of it and of the overall natural lifestyle; I'm always looking for interesting, educational, and enlightening content to share.  A light went off one day. I thought. There are so many beautiful, talented artists, and creatives in my life. So, I decided to talk about some of the amazing people that are around me, seeing my vision and me seeing theirs. And to also talk about how we collaborate and work with each other to accomplish our goals



Let me bring your attention to my dear friend Zoa.  She's a mother, and an accomplished photographer and filmmaker.  She's vegan, and wears her hair natural and chemical free. I was first introduced to her work by her mother, in 2013, who at the time, was a client at our hair salon (Natural Beauty Atlanta).  Her mother spoke proudly of her daughter and her work. She proceeded to show me some of her photos and film from her portfolio.  It was impressive to say the least!   She just so happened to be the photographer and videographer for an Atlanta native rapper/artist named Rome Fortune, whose work that I was familiar with and really liked.

Fast forward 5 years later, I finally got the opportunity to have her eyes meet my work as a stylist and clothing designer, face to face.  It was magical. Her eye is impeccable.  She is a visionary.  Her work is light yet there is a realness that highlights the human form.  Putting together a work of art requires attention to detail.  Zoa leaves no stone unturned.  She zooms around the country taking beautiful photos of nature's breath taking scenery and beautiful people. It is a gift to know your gifts and to use them. Check out some of the savory work Zoa, Saharah, and myself did together for our brand Natural Beauty Organics below! The red dress that the model is wearing is one that I made several years ago.  It was nice to have it finally shot by the right photographer. 


Of course Zoa is a Naturalista! She loves our hair care line Natural Beauty Organics. She said that her favorite product was the "Coconut Cream Conditioner, "because the smell of it makes her want to eat it!  Lol!  The "Organic Hair Butter" is a hit with her also.  She confessed that she now asks her clients to smooth it on their body during her photoshoots (when necessary).  Shhhh! Don't tell anyone, but you can put it on your hair and body! The texture is divine.  

Photographer: Zoa for Zoa Photography  

Models: Markia Daley, Sara, C. Harris  

Stylist/Creative Direction/Hair: Saharah J, Cat Belle      

Wardrobe: Green Girl, CatBelle Clothing                         


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