Coils, Twists, & Braids - Let's Talk About Your Hair.

    Do you ever feel like your losing your voice? Or that your ideas get lost in a sea  of other peoples opinions? Opinions about how you should wear your hair? Or how you should dress? Or what size is acceptable for them?  Public opinion.  

Natural Beauty Organics would like to invite you to our workshop. Coils, Twists, & Braids "Let's Talk About Your Hair."  There's so much on the internet about natural hair. Youtube tutorials galore!  Where is the filter?  We are the filter, Natural Beauty Atlanta. Come out. Ask questions. And let's sort it out. 


-Live Models/ Hair Styling                                

-Natural Beauty Organics Product Tutorials.            

-Chemistry 101 "What Works For Your Hair"

-What's Your Hair Language?

                                                         Meet the Creators

Cat Belle / Saharah Yahniv

     In this workshop we will talk about the importance of  developing and practicing the care of your own hair. What does that look like? The cultivation of textured hair is important and we want to our part in making sure that it happens.  

Where: Sevananda Natural Foods Market,
467 Moreland Ave., Atlanta, Ga
When:  Sunday, May 6, 2018
Time: 12-2 pm  Cost: FREE. 





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