Natural Hair- The "Love Movement"

     How we choose to wear our hair is sooo important.  It is now and will always be ritualistic.  It seems to speak without you saying a word. There are so many funny memes on social media joking about the "naturalista's wash day."  But be clear it is by no means a joking matter.  However, I see it as a day of pampering and self love.  Put on some good music and get to work! Its okay that you have to give your natural hair a bit more attention.  Remember the more you pay attention it now the less you'll have to down the line.  It's YOUR hair! So, why not LOVE on it?

                                                         The Love Movement

    We recently did a photo shoot with some of Atlanta's top models, stylists, hair stylists and jewelry designers. As, well as one of Atlanta's own premier photographers, Zoa.  My daughter, Saharah and I were the creative directors and to see our vision come to fruition was magical.  It was easy to see that when we all got together to shoot, it was the dream team.  When the photographer finally gave us the photos, I was floored, inspired, and excited, all in one.  As my team and I looked at the photos, we agreed that this was the "Love Movement."  We were in love with the hair, the makeup, the clothing, the jewelry, the ideas, the models- it was literally a love fest, manifested through the photographers lens. 


Our Herbal Hair Care System works for men, women and children. We are launching our summer series of photos. Inspired by, but of course, Love. Natural Beauty Organics would like to welcome you to "The Love Movement."  It's gonna be a hot summer! Join us.





Creative Directors: Saharah Yahniv - Cat Belle

Photographer: Zoa Photography -

Hair: Cat Belle, Saharah Yahniv, Tanji Dark - Natural Beauty Atlanta Hair Salon

Models: Trevon Worthy, Markia Daily, Sara IG:Goldenovaries, 

Male Stylist: Louise James

Female Stylists: Saharah Jimenez

Wardrobe: Amanda IG: @Shewalkslikealion

Jewelry Designer: IG: @StargateJewelers





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