The Holidays are Here! Protective Styles, Silk Presses, and Your Natural Hair Care.

     Ho Ho Ho!  Lol!  Its that time of year again🎁.  Tis the season to figure out: What to do with your hair for the holiday. You've got enough to think about.  Gifts for mom, dad, auntie, the teacher, your husband or wife, whew!  The list goes on.  Who has time to think about hair? Don't fret.  Leave it to the experts. Here at Natural Beauty Atlanta, we've got tons of hair ideas and tips to help you get through this holiday/winter season. 

Which protective style is right for you?  First off, start a folder on your phone or computer of styles that you like.  This sort of helps you set some hair goals.  It will also help your hair stylist give you some suggestions for hairstyles, based on what YOU like!  Protective styles will allow you and your hair to take a break from too much manipulation of the hair, as well as being able to just get up and go!

Set some hair goals!  Yep that's right.  Dream a little. No scratch that dream a lot!  When it comes to anything you want in life, you have to dream about it, picture it.  See yourself with it. Right? Right. So visualize your hair looking how you want it to look.  Find a picture of what you like and begin to take care of your hair.  I've found that the best way to grow your hair is to commit to a routine.  Find a stylist and go from there.  In the meantime your stylist can give you style ideas as well as execution!

Pinup styles are great!  There are some basic hair tools that you need to keep on deck.  If you've got an afro, even a TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro), invest in a wire pick.  You'll also need some small and large hair pins.  Scoop up some bobby pins, a scarf, some edge control and last but not least your favorite Natural Beauty Organics hair product.  I suggest starting with the our ( EOM) Essential Oil Moisturizer and Organic Hair Butter.

Try a Sew- In- Style:  A sew in doesn't have to be straight hair.  We offer textured hair as well.  From Brazilian Wavy to AfroKinky.  I must admit, the Afro Kinky is my fav, because it resembles my own natural texture.  Because I love my bushy, afro hair! Box Braids are the truth and will last you for up to 3 months (DO NOT) wear them longer than that. And again our EOM will help to keep your scalp clean and moisturized while in any extension style. Senagelese or Kinky Twists are the  I'm sooo happy to see us Goddesess rocking Cornrows these days with beads and all sorts of gorgeous gold wrapping as well. Which is definitely super sexy fun holiday hair. Twist up your own hair.  Yep that's right, get used to rocking your own crown.  Try ourTwist and Loc Gel, or the Coconut Cream Conditioner for a soft twist.  Allow the twist set to dry thoroughly for a nice crinkly twist out.  Try a healthy Silk Press. Stick with the professionals when it comes to blow drying and pressing your natural hair.  You've worked to hard at growing it out to risk burning or damaging it trying to  "Do It Yourself."

Thanks for stopping by.  Email us for appointments and questions about your hair.  We'd love to hear from you!  Happy Holidays and remember...You were born natural. 


Cat Belle, 

Naturalist. Purist.



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