Nola Darling and Her Beautiful Hair - She's Gotta Have It

     Nola Darling, is the main character of Spike Lee's Netflix series "She's Gotta Have It."  Of course, me being a natural hair enthusiast, I was all into Nola's beautiful natural hair.  

     I was really impressed with all of the creative, fun , and sexy ways they styled her hair.  She wore beautiful pin-ups for hot dinner dates and at her gallery opening she wore a classic pompadour, which is never a let down. I remember on one bike scene, she even had cute helmet hair.  Lol!

      Often times, sisters find themselves in a rut on how to wear their natural hair.  I think this happens mainly because we as a community of natural hair sisters are still familiarizing ourselves and getting reacquainted with our own hair.  And as the natural hair industry grows, I see more and more women falling in love with their own hair. Here are 5 hair styles Ms. Darling wore in "She's Gotta Have It."

5 Styles Nola Darling wore:

1. The care free Twist Out. (Which can be worn for several days if set properly on initial twist set)

2. Two braids pinned into a "Crown."  Very Regal! Extensions can be added for a fuller braid.

3. The Pompadour. (One of my go to's). Classic indeed.

4. Yes she rocked a few beautiful Head Wraps. Find yourself a good tutorial and get to practicing!  *cotton stretchy fabric works best* 

5.  She wore a Top Knot.  Now, you've got to have a bit of length to achieve this look.  Don't fret.  Just start treating you hair like you want it to grow.  Otherwise, this look can also be achieved with cornrows or flat twists, and some added hair if needed.  :)

Remember: When caring for your natural hair, always use a water and oil combination to help your hair maintain moisture. (Depending on the style). Use products like Natural Beauty Organics that use natural oils and herbs to promote hair growth!  Visit our products page, we've got clip - in hair extension pieces to help you complete almost any style and of course we also offer edge control (made with hemp oil) it's a must these days to finish off the perfect hair style.  

Remember...You were born natural 

Cat Belle, Naturalist


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