Black Women, Our Hair And Cultural Appropriation.

     Recently, Elle Magazine did a magazine documentary entitled: Braided.  Lupita Nyong'o, Young M.A, Ayana Bird, Lacy Redway, Vernon François and more spoke about braids and black hair culture in America.  I love to talk hair, fashion and beauty in general.  However, sometimes we have to have the conversation about the appropriation of black culture, and if your black...your culture. 

     I have clients that don't like to wear cornrows.  Some think that they are juvenile or just plain unattractive.  I feel that this is due to years of brainwashing. Braids are beautiful!  There are soooo many options. For centuries in the motherland, as the documentary explains, braids were a way to denote status amongst tribes, relationship status, and even a way for people to fellowship. Then and now, black men and women both love to rock braids!


     I find that one of the most beautiful things about braids is that not only can they be worn for flyness sake.  They are also a great way to give your hair a break from too much manipulation. I have a course 4C texture hair.  It's thick and beautiful.  However, I found over the years, that sometimes I just have to leave my hair alone! LOL!!  Many of the braid sprays on the market do not properly moisturize and hydrate my hair when it is in braids or twists. I use our "Essential Oil Moisturizer, " with my braid and twist styles.  Its got all the right ingredients. Ingredients like Olive Oil, H2O, tea tree oil, and lavender essential oils. Delightful! It's very important to do this, because upon taking the braids out, one could find that more damage has occurred because of a lack of moisture and oil.  


     Box Braids, Individuals, Cornrows, Plaits, Twists, you name it! These are styles that black women wear proudly. Note:You don't have to be natural to wear these beautiful crowns or Black.  But please oh please give credit where credit is due.  Do not take our culture, put it in your mainstream media outlets, rename what already has a name, and not give us credit for our creations! Period.  They're called "Box Braids" NOT "Boxer Braids." "Bantu Knots" NOT "Mini Buns." 



Hey look. Ultimately, people can wear their hair as they choose. 🤷🏾‍♀️All I'm saying is..My name is Cat Belle not Kiesha!  If it already has a name call it by that name!

Check Out the Documentary:


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