Beautiful, Happy, & Healthy - From The Inside Out

    I've dedicated my life to looking and feeling good.  They are not separate; because the better you feel, the better you look!  It's true.  Ask any psychologist (if you must). After I had my son, who is now 10, I weighed the most that I had ever weighed in my adult life.  I went to the doctor, because I just wasn't feeling well.  I found out that my blood pressure was still up, from pregnancy (my son was two years old, at that time) and the doctor wanted to put me on high blood pressure medicine. I thought, "not me!"  

    That day, I decided to make exercising my priority.  I knew that I had to get heart healthy.  I made a concious decision to make eating healthy and exercising my new lifestyle.  The changes were miraculous!  I started to feel amazing and it started to show!  I went from weighing 170 pounds on my 5'2 frame to 140 pounds.  I've since picked up a few pounds, however, I still excercise and make healthy food choices.  I love my body and I love my hair!  Say it with me. I love my body and I love my hair!           


    I said all this to say that having beautiful natural hair and committing to taking care of YOUR hair is a conscious decision.  To stop comparing it to others, is a conscious decision.  To be the best YOU is a conscious decision.  I saw a post on Instagram that asked: On a scale from 1 to 10, how do you feel about your natural hair?  The answers were revealing and honest.  I loved it.  This is the dialogue that we as black women need to have.  Be honest. Ask questions. Get assistance.  Youtube tutorials are cool and can be times, but they can be overwhelming!

    You don't have to be a certain size to be sexy and fly. Be heart healthy.  You don't have to have wavy, curly or straight hair in order for your hair to be considered beautiful.  We're changing the narrative.  Natural Beauty Organics...You were born natural. 



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