Why I Went Natural and Started a Hair Care Line

   My name is Cat Belle, owner and creator of Natural Beauty Organics, a natural hair care system.   I've been a professional natural hairstylist for over 18 years now.  I started my natural hair salon in the trendy area, Little Five Points of Atlanta, Ga.  Circa 2002.  This was early in the natural hair care game and there weren't any hair care products on the market for kinky, curly hair textures.  So me and the few women that I knew that were natural had to figure it out.  

    Figure it out we did!  I've always been a hair stylist, so figuring out what worked for my hair was a welcomed endeavor.  Even in its chemical free, natural state. My clientele quickly grew and so did the need for a hair product that would help my clients' hair achieve the desired results.  Soon I started experimenting with different ingredients  and combinations and with dedication, consistency, and a bit of determination, Natural Beauty Organics was born and so was my daughter Saharah. I never dreamed that my daughter would end up being my trusted business partner.


       We live a wholistic lifestyle.  Mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, deciding what herbs and oils to use in each product is fun and challenging. Saharah has a vast knowledge about herbs and their medicinal values and she plays an integral role in our hair care line.  We both love and respect natural hair, overall well being, looking great, and feeling beautiful.  We continue to formulate products for textured hair, using natural ingredients. This is of utmost importance to us!

Stop by our blog next week for some good hair, makeup, food, and overall tips for a wholistic lifestyle. Remember ..You were born natural. 


Team NBO

Cat Belle

Saharah Jimenez


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