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What is Beauty?

     Have you ever stopped to ask yourself this question? Where does the feeling "I feel beautiful” come from?

     Contrary to what many of us have been taught, our individual concept of “beauty” is not something which generates “outside” of ourselves. The feeling always wells up from deep within and is then expressed outward. For some, this feeling of “beauty” manifests itself when one sees a fully bloomed flower in nature, or a rainbow, or while gazing at the night sky. For others, “beauty” is seen when compassion is displayed between two or more individuals in an act of kindness. And for others, “beauty” is seen and felt when we look in the mirror and truly like the reflection we see staring back at us. (This one is very important) But, a true gift of life is when we can see/feel beauty even when superficially, none appears to be present. Those days when your hair isn’t freshly done, or the rose as the last petal gently releases and falls to the ground, and especially when things don’t seem to be going as smoothly as we had hoped they would because believe it or not… there IS beauty there too. All you have to do is acknowledge it.

We, at Natural Beauty, ask all of our followers to challenge themselves regularly to redefine what this word “beauty” means, not to society but to YOU. Because the more things, objects, people, circumstances, and even days you can look in the mirror and label what you see you as “beautiful”, regardless, the more the world will reflect this “beauty” back to you causing a whole new way to view and experience the world. One “beautiful” thought, at a time.

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Natural Beauty Ambassador,

~Tanji Dark

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