Should I lock my natural hair?  That is the question.  Locking your hair is a serious commitment and it takes dedication and vision to see it through.  As a natural hair care professional I get asked lots of questions about the lock journey.  Questions from: How should I start my locks, comb twists, 2 strand twists, or free form?  To: Ahhhh! I’m so bored with my hair, should I cut my locks?  Some I can answer, some only the client themselves can answer. And Youtube is great but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, because of all the information and sometimes conflicting information.  Locs are beautiful and each person’s locs will look different. Don’t obsess, just have fun and enjoy the journey.

Honestly, the best advice I can offer is for you to find a natural hair care professional (Natural Beauty Atlanta) :).  Have a sit down, one on one consultation, and ask him or her questions, specifically about your hair, based on your texture and personal style.  Take with you a few pictures of your hair aspirations (i.e. pics from Pinterest, Facebook, or Google).  That way your stylist can get a good idea about what it is that YOU like!  Now, no matter how long your hair is when you start, there’s going to be that uncomfortable stage (it truly is a journey).  Also, you can still have fun with different styles while you loc.  But the key is to have a stylist you trust (knows what they are doing), uses the right products that don’t just sit on top of your hair and attract lint.  Yes lint. Natural Beauty Organics Hair Care System is loc friendly.  Our products provide moisture, promotes growth, and smells amazing!

If you have questions about your natural hair or the transitioning process, ask Cat Belle or Saharah. And remember

You were born natural….

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