Get Edges the Old Fashion Way. Grow Them!

    Long luxurious locs, super fluffy afro, bouncy curls.  We all want a full head of beautiful hair. Being a natural hairstylist, I see and have the opportunity to chop it up with women about their hair everyday.  And I gotta tell you, I love it! 

     Women ask me questions about dry hair, breaking hair, and even slow growing hair.  But the one thing that many women seem to struggle with most often is those edges!  But why?

4 Reasons why your edges are suffering.

1. Sometimes its just hereditary.

2. Pulling the hair back in the ever so convenient ponytail too often.

3. Wearing a head band too often can really stress the edges and last but certainly not     least.....

4. Relaxers!  Yes. Relaxers can do some serious damage to your edges. 

I was reading the other day that some "natural women" have taken to relaxing their edges for that sleek finished look.  I'm all about healthy hair and a healthy lifestyle.  Let's just face it, whether you relax your entire head or just your edges, it's not cool.  

Relaxers are a harsh chemical that many women choose to stay away from!  So to finally make the decision to not relax your hair, only to go back and relax your edges, is a risk I'm not willing to take.  My edges are precious.  So what, they're kinky!  Ladies, I say go with the flow and leave those edges be.

However, if you need a bit of help growing them out (let's focus on that).  NBO has an Herbal Infusion Hair Growth Oil.  It's amazing!  We've Infused horsetail, nettle, coltsfoot, lavender and a few other herbs into sunflower oil, to give you a medicinal yet aromatic blend of herbs that stimulates hair growth.  Pick some up today at Sevanada in Little Five Points, Natural Beauty Atlanta, or online.  Don't delay! Your edges are waiting.

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