Let's Talk Baby Hair & Edge Control. Cool or No?

     Absolutely cool! Right?  They finish off the perfect hair style.  Even the not so perfect hair style.  But don't get it twisted.  There's a limit to everything and you gotta protect your edges. 

How Often Should I Use Edge Control?  Anything done in excess is just not a good idea. As we know, the edges of your hair is fragile.  Edge control is oil based and that's a good thing.  However, be careful not to stress the edges by over brushing or over manipulating them.  Especially if you use a holding spray to set them.  (Only use holding spray on special occasions). Allow them a break from time to time.  Overall hair care is best and a must. 

Plan to Get Extensions/ Protective Style?  I have clients that like to leave a small amount of their edges out when getting "Senagelese Twists," or Box Braids.  This insures your edges stay full and beautiful!  Remember the ultimate goal is to be able to wear your own natural hair from time to time, without extensions.

Growing Out That Baby Hair?  Boy- o- boy those edges! You definitely want to choose hairstyles that don't stress your edges.  Honestly an extension  style or a "Protective style," is a great way to give your edges a break.  Choose one that allows you to easily camouflage the sides.  Adopt a night time regime of oiling and twisting the sides down at night.  Switch it up every now and then for variety, of course.   Don't forget to tie it down at night! Our "Herbal Infusion Hair Growth Oil," is infused into sunflower oil with herbs that stimulate hair growth, like horsetail, nettle root, and black seeds. It's awesome for stimulating hair growth.  

Hey, edges done proper is a must!  "Baby hair" is super cute, but the main thing, however, is to nurture your hair. Take care of it! Love it right where it is and allow it to grow. 

...You were born natural

Natural Beauty Creator/Brand Ambassador,

Cat Belle



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