Dyeing Natural Hair: Risky Business

The Fall season is upon  us and and some of you are itching to switch up your stylo. One cool way to do so is to add color to your hair. Purples, pinks, blues and copper orange colors are all the rave! Alas, dying your natural hair can be brow raising.  Questions like: Can I dye without sacrificing the integrity of my hair? Will dying my hair cause breakage?  If I do color, what are some ways to prevent breakage and damage?

Dying your hair can be risky business. Here a few tips:

Ask a professional

As a professional, having to fix so many oops hair colors (color corrections), I always recommend consulting with a natural hair care professional when it comes to dyeing your hair. At Natural Beauty, we are always ready and eager to answer any questions or concerns you may have about coloring.

Will dyeing my hair cause damage or breakage?

In my experience, giving your hair more TLC is always a plus after coloring your hair.  Do more deep conditionings, steam treatments,  and keep on your trim regiment.  And by all means DO NOT skip the bonnet, or whatever you use to protect your hair at night.  That is key! You also want to use the right amount of moisturizer daily, something like a cream (Natural Beauty Organic Hair Butter) or your favorite oil. Our Herbal Infusion Hair Growth Oil is amazing btw!


Can I color without sacrificing the integrity of my hair?  

Making the decision to color your hair, especially if you choose a color that calls for a lift, is going to compromise the integrity of the hair. Coloring can be drying, which can lead to breakage. Sad to say, but it’s true. However, if done properly, the risk is minimized.

If you have questions about coloring your hair or natural hair care questions in general please visit our site at www.naturalbeautyorganics.com  Leave a comment in the comment section or shoot us an email at: Contact@naturalbeautyorganics.com

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